Connecting the Legal Cannabis Industry.


Connecting the Legal Cannabis Industry

Who is Shweed?

Shweed is a B2B intermediary specialised within medical cannabis & consumer cannabinoid international supply chains.

Our Market Position

B2B Networks

Shweed directly connects together “buyers” & “sellers” within international supply chains, providing clients with immediate access to an unrivalled and vetted B2B international network.

Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities are ongoingly qualified and presented, in-line with each given client’s commercial strategy and agreed style of relationship with Shweed.


Shweed ensures robust internal client due diligence – which is constantly monitored and screened – and shared in reporting format for all successful deals.

Global Market Insights

Shweed’s position as a B2B intermediary allows unique visibility on various global market insights i.e. indicative pricing levels / products demanded / typical quantities / other.

Service Offerings

Commission only: Sales Campaign

A “no upfront cost” opportunity to grow your client base with qualified and suitable leads.

Retainer: Business Development & Market Entrance

  • B2B Lead generation.
  • CRM Management.
  • Enhanced support.
  • Dedicated time basis.

Other Services

Due Diligence Reporting
Comprehensive due diligence reporting, provided on a “pay-per-report” basis.
Technical Project Consulting
Dedicated technical expertise, specific to bespoke project style work.

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About Us

Service Offerings

Commission Only: Sales Campaign

Retainer: Business Development & Market Entrance

Due Diligence Reporting

Technical Project Consulting


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